Charitable Fund «Joint»

Support to families and children

In 2002, JDC launched the Children's Initiative program. The program provides material and social assistance to children from families at risk, mobilizes existing administrative resources, helps parents to relaunch their careers, and brings families together with their local Jewish community.

Established in 2006, Jewish Family Services today provides comprehensive assistance to Jewish families in Moscow, Moscow Oblast and Bryansk.

"Integration project" provides support to special needs children, who have historically been left outside the Russian education system.

Below, you can learn about the Children's Initiative services and contact Tatiana Glazacheva for assistance.


Material Assistance Programs

Regular support for children from families at risk: purchase of food for children and diabetics, medicine, clothing, shoes and school and writing supplies; payment for medical services and medication.

Children's SOS Program

One-off targeted assistance to children in emergency situations who need urgent medical or social support: payment for expensive operations and medication; payment for utilities services.


Jewish Family Services

Comprehensive family care: social and psychological support, information on social security benefits and help receiving them, involvement with the Jewish community, and help for families to use their own resources to solve their problems.


Integration of children with special needs

Preparing the educational environment to accept and educate special needs children; developing an individual adaptation program for such children and educating them.


Recreational and development programs

As part of its work with Jewish organizations in Moscow and Central Russia, JDP runs recreational and educational activities for families.

Projects in Central Russia, Kaliningrad and Crimea

Centers of comprehensive family support located in dozens of towns in Russia's Central Federal District provide various forms of assistance to children from families at risk and reconnect them with the local Jewish community.