Charitable Fund «Joint»

Jewish Community Development

With the aim of returning Jews to their cultural and historical heritage, JDC initiates and supports projects aimed at reviving Jewish identity, adherence to the traditional values of Judaism and the development of spiritual life in the state of Israel.

JDC supports Jewish cultural and community centers, and creates pre-school development, informal education and youth leadership development programs. JDC helps to run clubs for young people and teenagers, family outings, major holiday celebrations, exhibitions, and community events and festivals.

Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya Jewish Community Center

The flagship of Jewish culture in the capital, this offers elite cultural events, recreational programs for all ages, and best practices in child development.

Jewish Community Centers in Moscow

These enable Jews in Moscow to lead a Jewish life, by offering recreational, cultural and educational programs for all ages.


Knafaim Young Leadership Training 

A year-long leadership course for young Jewish people wishing to fulfil their potential in the Russian Jewish community, this covers management, psychology and much more.



The Kaet school of social entrepreneurship helps people to move in just six months from ideas to projects ready for implementation.

The Maagal Volunteer Initiative

The Maagal Volunteer Coordination Service is a not-for-profit partnership that brings together charity and volunteer initiatives in Moscow.


The Jerusalem Fairy Tale Family Camp

A summer camp on the coast that combines recreational activities for children, adults and the whole family with a cultural program and an extensive Jewish educational component.


The Eco Moshav Family Camp

A summer camp for children and parents aimed at strengthening ties to nature and awareness of today's environmental problems through Jewish tradition.


House of the Jewish Book

One of Russia's leading Jewish libraries, as well as a distribution and resource center for other Jewish libraries in the CIS, this is also a publishing house and cultural and educational center.

The Book Show Room of Modern Jewish Literature

An annual weekend event that brings together leading best children's publishers in one place. It also plays host to creative master classes for families with children and lectures from leading teachers.


The Family Book Club

Under the guidance of artist Irina Kniazeva, children, and their parents too, illustrate works by children's authors using various techniques: gouache, watercolor, ink, appliqué and even engraving.


A not-for-profit organization of academics, independent researchers, teachers and students whose studies and teaching activities are devoted to Judaism and Jewish civilization.

Youth Judaica

Academic schools, educational camps and workshops on Judaica for schoolchildren and students interested in Jewish culture and civilization.

The Department for Jewish Studies, Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University

The leading educational institution for Jewish studies trains specialists in Jewish history, languages and literature, and Israeli state policy and economics

Programs in Central Russia, Kaliningrad and Crimea

Various cultural and educational programs providing the opportunity to become involved in Jewish life in numerous cities in Central Russia.

RUACH Youth Project

A space for young people to meet new and old friends, expand their horizons in all areas of Jewish culture, create and experiment together, do good deeds, and have an unforgettable time. 


Julia Karchevskaya
Job Title: The head of the department

Julia Burdo
Job Title: Coordinator of the projects in Moscow and the Region 

Ekaterina Jouravleva 
Job Title: Coordinator of the projects and volunteer direction

Tatiana Maron
Job Title: Coordinator of the projects and PR

Daria Grach 
Job Title: KAET project coordinator