Charitable Fund «Joint»

Women’s Health Empowerment Program

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee "Joint" in the international development program implements and supports projects aimed at addressing the most pressing social problems in different countries. 

In 2007. "Joint" in partnership with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure began in Russia a new program related to women's health. 

"Joint" is working on the program in the Czech Republic, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Ukraine, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Program "Women's Health" aims to facilitate early diagnosis of breast cancer and to improve the situation of women with these diseases in Russia. 

The program is aimed at developing effective coalitions among nonprofit organizations, women recovering from breast cancer, representatives of the medical community and the authorities. 

The program works in Moscow and five cities in central Russia: Tula, Tver, Kostroma, and Bryansk Dubna in the following areas: 

• educational programs for women of reproductive age, aimed at identifying tumors at an early stage. 
• The development of psychological support group of women with breast cancer. 
• development of cooperation between doctor and patient. 

2008 Program "Women's Health" successfully tested in five cities of Moscow and Central Russia model of self-help groups for women diagnosed with breast cancer. This form of psychological support proved its validity and relevance. There are 11 mutual support groups, 327 women are active participants in groups. In 2009, established a full set of teaching materials for the creation and activities of mutual aid groups, which summed up the experience of six Russian cities. We hope that through teaching materials, as well as training designed to teach the leading self-help groups, the model can be easily replicated in other regions of Russia. 

An important aspect of our program is to increase literacy in health and increase the number of women regularly make mammography and ultrasound. In 2008, was developed and tested format of the educational meetings with women in the workplace. For us it is very important that in conducting educational meetings involving not only doctors, but women themselves have experienced breast cancer. For the nine months of the educational program more than 2000 women participated in educational meetings, about half of them were subsequently examined by a specialist doctor. 

The program also aims to increase the interaction between doctor and patient, to build partnerships between nonprofit organizations concerned with health, and medical community. 

In May 2009 held the 2 nd National Conference program "Women's Health". The conference was attended by over 120 specialists from 15 regions of Russia: doctors, representatives of NGOs, representatives of administrations of cities and activists of the program. The Conference adopted the "Recommendations on the implementation of early detection of breast cancer and the advancement of women with these diseases in Russia." The recommendations submitted to the Ministry of Health and Social Development. 

The project "Women's Health" "Joint," supported the activities related to the development of new forms of educational programs that talk about the advantages and opportunities of detecting cancer at early stages. Working with partners from local NGOs and governmental organizations, the project promotes the development of leadership among women, are faced with breast cancer.