Charitable Fund «Joint»

International program

Tikkun olam —improving the world through good deeds— is one of the fundamental principles of Judaism.

"Save one life, save the world" —in the spirit of these words, JDC comes to the assistance of people in distress from any nationality, working together with other charitable organizations and using its infrastructure to save human lives all over the world.

In 2007, JDC launched Women's Health, a project in partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. This project aims to improve early diagnosis of breast cancer and to support women with the disease.

The program works through a partnership with not-for-profit organizations and treatment centers in 10 Russian regions. Thanks to their work, more than 16,000 women each year receive information on the early breast cancer diagnostics program.

Since 2013, Women's Health has been supported by Oleg Deripaska's Volnoe Delo Foundation.


 Women’s Health Empowerment Program

The project supports women with breast cancer, promotes awareness through educating the public about the disease and enhances cooperation between patients and health professionals.