Charitable Fund «Joint»

Programs of support


Day Centers at our Heseds

Hesed – based programs aimed at creative realization and national self-identification of elderly Hesed clients contribute to improving their quality of life.


Home care program

Home care workers visit the most elderly and sick people and help them to take care of themselves, to upkeep their residences and to interact with outer world.
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Food programs

Elderly clients receive hot meals in Hesed soup kitchens and at home. Those who can cook receive food packages of food stamps for using in local supermarkets.

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Medical programs

Purchase of life-saving medicines for clients suffering from grave chronic diseases, provision of rehabilitation equipment for injured and sanitary items for bedridden.

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"Save the memory" project

Individual work with the clients aimed at slowing fading process of cognitive and mental functions of elderly clients.

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SOS program

One-time emergency assistance to clients in life-threatening or very grave situation: payment for surgeries, expensive medical treatments and medicines; basic household items etc.

Winter relief

Purchase of warm clothes, winter blankets and heating fuel for the most vulnerable elderly Jews. Assistance in preparing residences for the cold season.

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