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UJA-Federation of New York

UJA-Federation of New York

JDC thanks the UJA Federation of New York for its support of the following projects: the Jewish Cultural Center (JCC) on Nikitskaya, the Moscow Jewish Community Center (MEOD) on Volochaevskaya, the Organization of Modern Jewish Religious Organizations in Russia (OROSIR), Social Projects, the Jerusalem Fairy Tale Family Camp, Family Camp Eco Moshav, family educational programs (Jewish Moscow) and the joint project with the Jewish Agency in Russia “Integration of Children with Special Needs into the Moscow Jewish Community".

Claims Conference

Claims Conference

The “Claims Conference”, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, has been working since 1951 to obtain compensation from the German government for Jewish victims that survived the Holocaust, organizing social assistance for Jewish victims of Nazism and the need for education and perpetuation of the memory of the lessons of the Holocaust. The Claims Conference provides invaluable assistance to the “Joint” Charitable Committee, contributing significant funds to care programs for elderly Russian Jewish Shoah victims.

Susan J. Comen for the Cure

Susan J. Comen for the Cure

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the largest charitable organization in the fight against breast cancer, supports organizations of women that have survived this disease in many countries around the world and contributes large amounts of funds in support of methods for the treatment of breast cancer and informing the public about the needs for early diagnosis. The Women’s Health Program is maintained in partnership with this organization.


Russian Jewish Congress

JDC thanks the charitable fund of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) for their support of the project “Integration of Children with Special Needs into the Moscow Jewish Community”. The Fund was created in 1996 for the re-creation of Jewish community life in Russia. Leadership of the RJC includes leading Russian businessmen, public figures and representatives of the cultural elite. The RJC supports dozens of social, educational and cultural programs.



The Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya Jewish Community Center is one of the most prominent leisure and educational centers in Moscow for children and adults. The center has created all the conditions for relaxation and creative personal development in the atmosphere of an old Moscow estate and a modern Jewish club.

Youth organization Hillel

Hillel, the largest Jewish student organization in the world, facilitates the rebirth of Jewish life in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Hillel operates in 27 cities in seven countries of the CIS. The goal of Hillel is the integration of young people into the life of the Jewish community, acquainting Jewish students with the history, culture and traditions of the Jewish people and the creation of programs for the spiritual development of young people in the area of education and culture.


The House of Jewish Books the largest library of Judaica in the CIS, founded in March 2001. The HJB operates as a multi-profile cultural and information center, incorporating a library, a book pool, a publishing house, an exhibition center and informational and technical programs.

The resources of this vast collection include literary and technical resources on Jewish religious thought, philosophy, history and art in Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, English and German, Jewish decorative and ornamental art subjects and audio and visual materials. Along with the activities of the library, the House of Jewish Books conducts cultural and educational programs (art exhibitions, meetings with authors and publishers, presentations of new books, etc.) and actively participates in book fairs.


Moscow Jewish Community House

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Благотворительный фонд

Charitable Fund "Yad Ezra" 

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Благотворительный фонд

Charitable Fund "Chamah"

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Благотворительный центр

Charitable Fund "Shaarey Tsedek" 

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Charitable Fund "Etel"

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Charitable Fund "Nadezhda"

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Gyneiny Religious community

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"Severnaya" community

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Hesed Tikva

Charitable Fund "Hesed Tikva"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Ozer"

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Hesed Nehama

Charitable Fund "Hesed Nehama"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Yad Lebanim" 

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Hasdey Zion, Kostroma

Charitable Fund "Hasdey Zion"

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Charitable Fund "Jewish House"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Sarah"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Nesher"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Ahim"

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Charitable Fund "Our House"

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Hesed Tshuva

Charitable Fund "Hesed Tsuva"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Neshama"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Zabota"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Rahel"

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Charitable Fund "Hesed Kaliningrad"

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Association of Former Ghetto and Concentration Camps

Association of Former Ghetto and Concentration Camps

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Foundation for Jewish Welfare Board

Foundation for Jewish Welfare Board

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Jewish Volunteer hotline

Jewish Volunteer hotline

+7(495)935-9511, +7(499)134-8954