Charitable Fund «Joint»


Dear friends

We are honored with a great mission and a great responsibility of representing one of the world’s largest and most influential Jewish charities in Russia. For a century, JDC works to support Jewish life, rescue Jews at risk, bring relief to Jews in need, renew lost bonds to Jewish identity and Jewish culture and provide non-sectarian disaster relief worldwide.

Moscow, a modern and vibrant metropolis, is a home for the biggest in the former Soviet Union Jewish community. Infinitely diverse and very disconnected, as it often happens in big cities, these Jews have very different ways of expressing their Jewish identity and very different spiritual and material needs. This is why the range of projects JDC supports here is so wide and the spectrum of assistance provided is so diverse.

Welfare programs carried out through the network of welfare centers – Heseds – became lifelines for many local elderly Jews. Children initiative fosters Jewish future by supporting Jewish families and kids at risk.

Special emphasis is placed on initiatives aimed at Jewish renaissance in Russia: JDC supports Jewish community centers – nuclei of local Jewish life, invests in identity projects for Jewish youth and sponsors summer and winter camps that help uninvolved Jews to reconnect to Jewish tradition.

Supporting Jewish communities in the cities of Russia is yet another crucial mission for us. Every such community is unique and, with its heritage and its specifics, indispensible for the Jewish world.

While helping our Jewish brethren, we cannot stay indifferent to the challenges of the Russian society. Therefore, our activities include such non-sectarian project as “Women’s Health Program” aimed at well-being of all Russian women regardless of their nationality and religious affiliation.

Our web-site is a guide through multifaceted welfare and Jewish renaissance initiatives of JDC. It  is a tool for finding a service one needs or a project one is interested in. Our mission is to help the Jewish community of Russia to reclaim its independent and influential role in the Jewish world.

Alik Nadan

Director, AJJDC Russia