Charitable Fund «Joint»

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization. 

For 100 years already the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee supports Jews all over the world. Back in 1914 North American Jewish communities united to offer a helping hand to their brethren overseas – in the land of Israel and in Diaspora. Immediately, JDC came to Russia - providing relief in the hardships of the WWI, rescuing from the horrors of the Civil War and saving from the terrible famine of collectivization. 

Despite its policy of not-interference with the state affairs and political neutrality, JDC was forced out from the Soviet Union in 1937 loosing the opportunity to help fellow-Jews there. We came back only in 1989. Generations cut away from Torah, Tradition and Jewish People, elderly Jews dying without food and medical care – that was the picture we saw... and rolled up our sleeves.

Twenty five years later we are happy that more than 74 thousand needy Jews receive assistance in our Heseds; we are happy that thousands of Jewish children absorb Tradition in our community and cultural centers; we are happy that history granted us this unique chance to make such a contribution into the revival and development of one of the most vibrant communities of Europe.

Welfare and Tradition, education and healthcare, culture and recreation – JDC Russia is involved in any field of Jewish life through active support of local initiatives. Following the Jewish principle of improving the world, “tikkun olam”, we also support a number of projects designed for the benefit of all Russian citizens regardless of their nationality and confession.