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Yiddish - live at Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya JCC

Yiddish - live at Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya JCC

«...In Yiddish one can find an expression of joy, lust for life, longing for Moshiach, restraint and deep evaluation of human personality. In Yiddish there is humor and reverent attitude to every single day of life, to every tiny success, each meeting with love…There were those who called Yiddish a dead language. But Hebrew was called the same way for thousands of years.Yiddish is far from its last word." I.B.Singer

On Sunday doctor Mordehay Yushkovsky – a specialist in Yiddish language and culture read lectures at Ralph I. Goldman JCC Nikitskaya within the framework of the Y-Fest – days of Yiddish in Moscow. 

Through the lecture, he demonstrated the variety of tones, hidden meanings and paradoxes hidden behind the words and intonations of the language spoken by our parents and grandparents - Yiddish. Through the stories and the classics of Yiddish literature, Mordehay spoke of Yiddish humor and how Yiddish reflected life in the Jewish settlements and the way the language has influenced people, which lived there.

House of Jewish Books gave an opportunity to all the guests to continue their aquaintance with Yiddish literature after the lecture.
Yuri Knizhnik - KaEt project graduate held a cooking master-class. Together with the guests of the festival prepared Tzimmes and spoke about the traditional Jewish cuisine.

The day ended with a lecture and concert of Mordechai Yushkovsky and Marina Yakubovich. The guests of the festival heard the music and the songs, which were heard in the settlements in those days, when Yiddish was the universal language of Jewish people around the world.