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Football tournament Inter Maccabi Cup 2015

Football tournament Inter Maccabi Cup 2015

The second Inter Maccabi Cup 2015 tournament took place in Moscow, uniting 4 Jewish football teams from Russia and from Israel – Maccabi Russia, Maccabi Moscow, Jewish Moscow team and Inter Petakh Tikva – a team from Israel.

The tournament was organized by JDC’s Knafaim Young leadership program alumni – Igor’ Tvoretskiy (Knafaim 2011 student) and Tatiana Maron (Knafaim 2014 student) with the support of JDC and private donors.

The tournament is a vivid example of Knafaim leadership program different year’s alumni cooperation in sake of the community. On graduating from it, former students continue to create projects and support each other.

The 2 days tournament was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the revival of Maccabi community in Moscow, when a quarter-century ago the club was formed after years of silence.

“We are very happy to mark the date with the tournament. Moscow Maccabi football club exists for many years and from time to time it organizes games with the Jewish teams not just in Moscow, but all over the world. Last year we held a tournament in Israel and played with the local teams in Petakh Tikva. This year thanks to JDC and private donors we have the possibility to held the tournament in Moscow and we are happy to welcome our Israeli guests – Inter Petakh Tikva.” – says Igor’ Tvoretskiy, Knafaim graduate and the Maccabi Moscow club executive Director.

The  tournament began at Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya JCC, where the captains of the Inter Petakh Tikva and Maccabi Moscow teams held a master class for the kids of Nikitskaya’s city summer camp “Kaitana”.  The captains showed some soccer feints, told about the Israeli football players and taught some football terms in Hebrew. After the theoretical part, boys and girls (5- 14 y/o) were divided into groups and they played mini football matches.

“I’m very glad that we had the possibility to visit JCC Nikitskaya’s camp and speak to the children, show them some football tricks, teach them football words in Hebrew and inspire them going in for sports. We had a very good game with them, some boys are really good at football. May be any of them will be the next Jewish football champion” – says Slava Gokhvat, Inter Petakh Tikva (Israel) captain.

Before the Final match on Sunday a training for children from families at risk of JDC’s Jewish Family Service was organized. 2 trainers of the Israeli team Inter Petakh Tikva and Maccabi Moscow team held a training for boys, who were very much excited to play football with the real football players. 

Maccabi Russia team even let one boy, who came to this training and who played very well replace for some time one player of the team during the final match. The boy played in a real match with the real football players!

There was a special accent on kids during the tournament – the football teams wanted to inspire kids go in for sports and to help the one in need. A charitable action was held during the Inter Maccabi Cup 2015 tournament – the football players donated money to help a boy, a Jewish Family Service client, whose family is in a grave situation. 

“When the football players expressed a desire to help a kid in need of the Community we addressed to Jewish Family Service and they gratefully shared a story of a family, who needs help. That’s very inspiring that this is not just a football tournament, but a tournament with a mission to inspire kids, who came to watch and to train with the players on the one hand and to help the ones in need on the other hand. That’s a real vivid example of a caring Jewish community.” – says Tatiana Maron, Knafaim graduate and the organizer of the Inter Maccabi Cup 2015.

Maccabi Moscow team won the Tournament, but all members of all teams says that this was not about the competition and the winners, this was about the game itself. They say that they would like to repeat this Jewish tournament once again.