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Knafaim students instill a love to art

Knafaim students instill a love to art

Each year Knafaim alumni together with Knafaim students organize volunteer actions in order to improve or help Moscow Jewish community.

Knafaim 2014 alumnus Tatiana Maron together with Knafaim 2015 student Tatiana Burshtein initiated a photoproject "A special view" at the Intergrative camp "Walking together" of the Integration project.

The aim of the project is to develop creativity among children and to show the world, summer in particular in the eyes of the children, inclunding the ones with special needs.

Thanks to "Olympus" company, which both Tanya's adressed to all children received digital cameras.

Moreover, a professional photographer Ekaterina Naumova held a master-class on photography.

On the last day of the camp the girls organized a photoexhibition. The kids and their parents saw the results of their work and we greatly satisfied!

The project is realized with JDC's support. 

To see pictures, please click here.