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PJ Library educational seminar

PJ Library educational seminar

On the 10th of March a PJ Library seminar for the Jewish educators took place at Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya JCC. The seminar gathered 16 educators, who work with the kids at Jewish children institutions in Moscow – the JCC itself, Jewish schools, children Jewish center, kindergartens.

The representatives of children institutions and partner organizations from St. Petersburg and Bryansk also came to the seminar and before the seminar began, the manager of PJ library in Russia – Matvey Chlenov held an organizational meeting with them, as the project soon will be launched in these cities.
The aim of the seminar was to share with the educators the approaches of work with kids, the way to share Jewish knowledge with them in an entertaining way and approaches of work on PJ library books and additional materials, which JDC prepare for each PJ book.

The seminar itself started with the master-class of Andrei Borovskii – an artist and a Jewish educator. He dedicated his master-class to Purim April books and involved everyone into an entertaining handcrafting. For instance, one of PJ library book is about a blind boy, who cooks hamantaschen with his mother so Andrei’s art master-class was dedicated on the lessons of the development of tactile sensations. Under his guidance the participants made collages out of different materials (paper, leather, fur etc), so that it is fun and interesting for children to touch it with the eyes closed and to guess what is depicted on the collage and what do they actually feel with their fingertips.

Ksenia Belkevich – vice director and the curator of educational children projects of the State Literature Museum covered on the topic how to make children read books, how to involve them into stories and storytelling in an entertaining model. Together with the participants of PJ seminar, they did active staging on one of the lesson based on PJ book. 
Ksenia’s master-class also included many discussions and the guests – Jewish educators were actively involved in the process – they proposed different models of discussing books with the kids, based on their personal experience.

Tatiana Shultz – the manager of the book-project “Bumper” covered on the very important topic of using PJ books as the platform to arouse serious, physiological and even philosophical questions for discussion with kids. She shared her experience of work with kids and explained on the example of PJ library stories how to speak with children about friendship, trust and help. The participants also shared cases from their experience and discussed with the other participants interesting and challenging situations, which they faced in their work.

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