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Elderly care

Elderly care

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Heseds (social welfare centers)

Following the collapse of the USSR in 1991 and the resulting economic crisis, JDC launched a wide-scale programme of assistance to elderly Jews through a system of Hesed charity centers ("Hesed" means "loving-kindness" in Hebrew).

The centers meet all the requirements of elderly Jews: home care, food parcels, lunches in canteens and at home, medical consultations, medication, winter clothing, and much more. For many who live on their own, they also act as social centers, where they can meet other members of the Jewish community.

Today, there are 65 Heseds throughout Russia, and we work with 24 of them, located in Moscow, Central Russia, Kaliningrad and the Crimea, where more than 45,000 people in need receive various forms of care and assistance.

JDC expresses special gratitude to the "Claims Conference" - the Commission on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany for significant funds, who let us offer material support and care for the elderly Jews - Nazi Victims.