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Yiddish Jazz with Andrey Makarevich

Yiddish Jazz with Andrey Makarevich

Within the framework of the “Y-Fest – days of Yiddish in Moscow”  Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskayа JCC, JDC,  International Center of Yiddish language and culture at the World Jewish Congress, Vilnus, Lithuaniа and Russian Jewish Congress are pleased to invite everybody to the concert


September, 24 at 7 p.m.

Jazz club «Kino»

16, Olimpiyskiy avenue (basement of Olympic Stadium, Moscow)



Andrey Makarevich, the legendary Russian rock musician, the founder and longtime leader of the Russia's oldest rock band Mashina Vremeni (Time Machine). Andrey Makarevich is an outspoken, iconic personality, a rebel and a hero of many generations, who never disappoints. He will present his program, titled "Yiddish Jazz", performed by renowned jazz musicians that are part of the project “Creole Tango Orchestra” and “Jazz Transformations”, formed by Andrey Makarevich in 2001.

For more than a century, Yiddish music has survived all the turmoil, immigration, war, holocaust, and persecution. Renewed interest to Yiddish music is part of a widespread reclaiming of Jewish identity in the arts, where artists who used to hide their Jewish roots in exchange for the public’s acceptance, now feel secure and confident enough to pursue a heritage that more profoundly defines them, beyond their mere “Russianess”. In his new program, Andrey Makarevich, along with renowned jazz vocalists Diana Polenova, Irina Rodiles and Polina Kasyanova tackles an extraordinary range of Diaspora melodies, from warhorses like ''Bei mir bist du schon'' and ''Matza balls'' to “My little cousin / Di grine kuzine”, a classic Yiddish-theater song, once recorded by Goodman band with vocalist Peggy Lee -- all sung, for the most part, in Yiddish, Russian or English, and backed by a live band of internationally renowned jazz musicians. Drawing a parallel between "Klezmer" music, created by Jewish immigrants, and traditional big-band jazz, this kaleidoscopic medley traces the history of Yiddish music's intermingled influences from Europe to America. In the second half of the program, fans will hear a full set of a re-imagined selection of the greatest hits and old time classics performed by Makarevich himself. The recording of the album “Yiddish Jazz with Andrey Makarevich” was first released in September of 2013, and supported in part by the Russian Jewish Congress (


The program will feature the following jazz musicians and vocalists: Andrey Makarevich • Evgeny Borets • Brothers Alexander & Dmitri Brill • Irina Rodiles • Konstantin Gevondian • Polina Kasianova • Diana Polenova, Sergey Ostroumov (perscussion), Sergey Khutas (double bass)


Ticket price: starting from 2000 rubles. For tickets booking please contact:  jazz club Kino (+7 495 532 47 23, +7 926 258 99 20), Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya JCC(+ 7495 787-45-60/67), city theater box offices MDTZK(+7 495 937-77-37), and websites ,, ,  


Media partner – journal Moscow–Tel Aviv. Special gratitude to the bank "Hapoalim in Switzerland.

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