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Y-Fest - Yiddish days in Moscow

Y-Fest - Yiddish days in Moscow

Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskayа JCC, JDC,  International Center of Yiddish language and culture at the World Jewish Congress, Vilnus, Lithuaniа and Russian Jewish Congress invite all concerned and curious to the festival “Days of Yiddish”, dedicated to Autumn Jewish holidays, that will be held in Moscow from the 24th of September to the 7th of October 2015.


«...In Yiddish one can find an expression of joy, lust for life, longing for Moshiach, restraint and deep evaluation of human personality. In Yiddish there is humor and reverent attitude to every single day of life, to every tiny success, each meeting with love…Yiddish does not take victory for granted. It avoids meetings with the destructive forces…

There were those who called Yiddish a dead language. But Hebrew was called the same way for thousands of years.Yiddish is far from its last word. It contains treasures that are hidden from the world. Yiddish - the language of great martyrs and saints, dreamers and the Kabbalists- is full of humor and nostalgia, that with God willing the human race will never be able to forget. If we express it more clearly, Yiddish is wise and modest language of us all, the idiom of frightened and always hoping humanity».


   Isaak Bashevis Zinger

Festival program

September 24, 19.00    

Opening of the festival. Andrey Makarevich with the program “Yiddish jazz 2” at jazz club “Kino”. Ticket price: from 2000 rubles. For tickets booking please contact:  jazz club Kino (+7 495 532 47 23, +7 926 258 99 20), Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya JCC(+ 7495 787-45-60/67), city theater box offices MDTZK(+7 495 937-77-37), and websites ,, , Jazz club Kino address: 16, Olimpiyskiy avenue.


October 1, 19.30


The evening program: Freilekhs, choir, hosidl, Bulgars and others circular and pair dances. The songs of different genres: dance and lullabies, popular and little known, but always do not leave indifferent.

Group "Lakocha" composed of: Ilya Saytanov - flute, Lev Anokhin - guitar, Alexander Skvortsov - violin, Vladimir "Big" Glushko - percussion, Love Ponkina - vocals

Choreographer: Dana Lifanova


October 4

Yiddish live

11:00-13:00  press breakfast with Roman Gershuni

14:00-15:00 lecture by Mordechai Yushkovsky  "Why do we need Yiddish in the 21st century?"

15:00-16:00 culinary master class "Yiddish Cuisine" by Yuriy Knizhnik

16:00 -17:00 the lecture-concert by Yushkovsky Mordechai and Marina Yakubovich "From the old house to the new house" (tours of the paths of Jewish history through the prism of Yiddish culture)

18.00-19.30 the lecture-concert by Marina Yakubovich "winter nights in the Russian fields ..." (Jewish culture in the Soviet Union - the great dawn and the tragic fall - Yiddish Songs).


October 7, 19.00

Master Class "Lullabies with Moti Gordon" AT THE FESTIVAL «Y-Fest - Yiddish days in Moscow"

Moderator: Gordon Motl


From 1, September till 7, October, 2015 an exhibition “Sketches from Helom” by Irina Litmanovich will be held at R.I. Goldman Nikitskaya JCC.

From  6, September to the 7, October at Nikitskaya Art Cafe an exhibition by Galina Bednenko. “Midrashim. The Female Version” will be held

Director of the festival: Yulia Shlimak

Accreditation for media: Ekaterina Zhuravleva,   Maria

Media partner  – journal Moscow–Tel Aviv and Open TV (Israel). Special gratitude to the bank "Hapoalim in Switzerland.