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Elderly care

Elderly care

Tens of thousands of elderly Jews go to bed hungry every night, homebound in dilapidated apartments. We bring life-saving relief to Jews living in dire conditions. Our mission is simple: care for the most vulnerable, develop innovative ways to fight poverty, and partner with the Jews we serve.
The network of Hesed social welfare centers we founded catalyzes the spirit of strength and resilience that has defined the Jewish people for centuries.

Jewish Community Development

JDC supports Jewish cultural and community centers, and creates pre-school development, informal education and youth leadership development programs. JDC helps to run clubs for young people and teenagers, family outings, major holiday celebrations, exhibitions, and community events and festivals.

27 june 2017 year
Family care

JDC's Children's Initiative program provides material and social assistance to children from families at risk, mobilizes existing administrative resources, helps parents to relaunch their careers, and brings families together with their local Jewish community.

23 june 2017 year
Moscow JCC Renamed After Ralph Goldman

One of Moscow's largest Jewish community centers, the Nikitskaya, was renamed in honor of the late Jewish leader Ralph Goldman.

24 october 2014 year



PJ Library educational seminar
14 march 2016 year

A PJ Library seminar for the Jewish educators organized by JDC took place in Moscow.

PJ Library educational seminar
18 january 2016 year

On January, 17 the first meeting of KAET 2016 students took place.

PJ Library educational seminar
07 october 2015 year

On Sunday, 4 "Yiddish-live" took place at  Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya JCC within the framework of Y-Fest. Days of Yiddish in Moscow

PJ Library educational seminar
08 july 2015 year

The second Inter Maccabi Cup 2015 tournament took place in Moscow, uniting 4 Jewish football teams from Russia and from Israel – Maccabi Russia, Maccabi Moscow, Jewish Moscow team and Inter Petakh Tikva – a team from Israel.

PJ Library educational seminar
08 june 2015 year

Each year Knafaim alumni together with Knafaim students organize volunteer actions in order to improve or help Moscow Jewish community.

PJ Library educational seminar
20 april 2015 year

For Asya Gelman, participating in the “Memory. Assistance. Generations.” project isn’t just about reclaiming the names of Holocaust victims nearly lost to history — it’s about finding her own place in the story.

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